Would you rather pay your or a stranger’s mortgage?

Of course the easy answer to that question is you want to pay on your own mortgage!  Wouldn’t it be great if we only rented because it suited our lifestyle the best. Certainly, that can be the case for many as there are times in our lives when renting makes more sense, however, if given the choice, we want to pay our own mortgage. We want that equity at the end of one, two…seven years to go back in our pockets. Right?!

It’s easier than you think to find out if you are in the rental stage of life or the home ownership stage of life. We would love to help you in making that decision. We don’t take lightly that it will be the biggest and best investment to start out in life. We consider it an honor to help anyone in that dream of home ownership. In fact, it’s what makes us tick!

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