Third Annual “Bo Pounds Night” at the North GA State Fair

It’s almost here- one of our most anticipated events of the entire year- “Bo Pounds Night” at the North Georgia State Fair! 

Bo Pounds was a giver. He was a smart, successful businessman. He was a hard worker, a dedicated friend, and he loved serving his community- most of all- the kids. The North GA State Fair was one of his most passionate forms of outreach. He diligently worked to make sure families could enjoy this incredible event… always making sure to be there in person to see it all. To Bo Pounds, nothing was more rewarding than knowing someone had been given the chance to experience one of this communities’ greatest events- especially if circumstances had made it seem impossible for them to attend. Where there’s a will- there’s a way… and Bo Pounds had the will to make it happen!

In keeping with tradition, and honoring the life of her father, Bo Pounds, The Teena Regan Team began hosting a “night at the fair” three years ago. What simply started off as a few ride tickets for one family in need, entrance passes for another family, and a meal or two; amazingly turned into the TRT being able to host multiple families with a complete night out at the fair! Admission passes, all-you-can-ride stamps, food, games… you name it and, by the sheer grace of God, we were able to provide it!

God was good to Bo Pounds. God has been good to the Teena Regan Team. And, through us, we want others to see and experience His goodness as well.

HERE’S WHERE YOU COME IN! We are now taking applications for families!!! Who do you know that could use a night out at the fair?? What family has maybe been down on their luck… is going through a hard time… has served our community/country… and, perhaps, wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend?? Let us know!

Email with as much information as you can.

We will review all nominations and be praying over each family. We will make our final selections closer to the fair and will keep you all informed.


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