The Teena Regan Team


Teena Regan

I love what I do! From the day I began this career in 2006, I have loved it! I love the people, the gorgeous homes, the family stories, the life long friends, the Facebook friends that I can’t let go after the closing. 🙂 I love hard work and I love the Lord.

I have been blessed to consistently be among the top 5 percent of realtors for Cobb County and awarded top team 2009-2012 and among top 7 groups in 2013-2016 by Keller Williams. Although there are many accolades, the one I treasure most is receiving Cultural Ambassador for the Southeast Region.

My family is tight knit, both in space and spirit. My husband of 32 years, Eric, is not the only family member of the team. My daughter, Tanner, is the Interior Designer and Community Outreach Developer along with her role as the Listing Coordinator. My son Ryan is Charitable Community Outreach and a Buyers Specialist. We have another son, Josh, who has his own dog grooming shop. We boast to anyone who will listen about our 4 grandchildren, Brody, Blake, Brooklyn and Cooper.

I think if I wanted you to know one thing about my real estate team it would be that each of them have a specific role. They are unique and have gifts that are natural to them in real estate but the one role we all share and take to heart is our Team scripture. Proverbs 22:1- “A good name is to be desired over wealth.” That is what drives us. It is just as important to have a great name in the community as it is in a transaction.  Our opportunity to volunteer in the community, from building handicapped ramps, to replacing roofs for Vets to spending the day with the kids in the Children’s home is what we refer to as our ‘wheelhouse’. We believe the blessings will always come from blessing others. It is our honor to be involved in many community charitable and business organizations including: the Kennesaw Business Association, the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, Partners in Education, Special Needs Partners, Homes for Vets, Wounded Warriors, SafePath, Project Peace for Teens, and Rescuing Hope.

Teena Regan