Selling Your Home

You’re ready to sell your property. And, while you’re looking forward to seeing the word “SOLD” posted from the curb, you know there’s a lot to consider along the way. One of your first decisions is to select a real estate agent who’ll join you in the process. It should be a pleasant and fun experience. I can’t emphasize that enough. I should be hard working, leading in pricing, advising in staging, and coming along beside you to get it all done, but generally the process of ‘selling your home’ should be one of the best experiences of your life.

Exceeding Your Expectations

You deserve much more than a sign in the yard, fliers in a box and an occasional viewing. You deserve an agent who will be at your side from beginning to end, ensuring that your property sells smoothly and you get the most money possible from the sale. You need an Agent that you don’t hunt down every week. One who is willing to always be completely honest with you because of their confidence in the housing market numbers and trends.


Price your home strategically so you’re competitive with the current market and price trends. Know details like expected days on market, expected sales price, expected days to close. If an agent knows their numbers, they know the answer to those questions. That is the very definition of our fiduciary responsibility….know our numbers and our market every day of the week.



I would recommend staging strategies for your home to cast a positive light on the features most important to buyers (some say bossy). It is perhaps the single most important thing that I stress to my Sellers. I get that we all live in our homes and don’t decorate them for re-sale. How boring would that be! Because I do believe it is so important, it’s part of my services. Part of my commission. I don’t nickel and dime every Seller to death. I have the best Interior and Exterior Stage Designer on my team. She is the absolute best at what she does…..and she doesn’t cost you a penny. List with me and you’ll meet the one who can turn a basket into a focal piece. Tanner Ewing.

Being a Step Ahead

We understand how important it is to be “in the know” when you’re selling your property. And, sometimes that means taking things into your own hands. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with the tools you’ll need and set a plan, making sure you have the right people and process in place to sell your home fast at the right price. No matter what the need, we have a personal vendor partner.

We’re a clean your windshield, check your oil and fill your tank up kind of team. Full Service!