“Bo Pounds Night 2017” at the North GA State Fair

This year was another fantastic turn-out for our third annual “Bo Pounds Night”! We so enjoyed loving on some local families and seeing smiles on their faces!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible! Whether you nominated a family, donated financially or just prayed for our team- you were a huge part of our night! We have the greatest clients and the greatest friends and the greatest work family! We are blessed, for sure!

We can’t wait until next year! 




And this cutie right here, this is Haven.

A special group of “cheerleaders” known as Haven’s Helpers has written something to tell you a little bit about her…

Haven is a playful six year old trying to live a normal life in her Georgia home. Tragically, Haven’s health is anything but normal. She was diagnosed shortly after birth with several medical conditions affecting her spine, heart, vein and arteries, windpipe, limbs, kidneys, brain and anus. The term used is “VACTERL” Association, which requires three symptoms for diagnosis. Haven has all seven possible symptoms.

Because of her conditions, Haven is unable to eat normally and must be fed through a special tube. She is prone to serve constipation, sometimes requiring hospitalization and the arteries, veins, and valves around her heart are not formed correctly, so she tries easily and doesn’t always have enough oxygen and blood flow through her body. due to her kidney issues, kidney infections are common, and she has to use a special tube to be able to urinate every two to three hours. Her feet are malformed and she has severe vision and hearing problems, causing developmental delays.

Havens Helpers are asked to help with donations of funds to cover expenses that are not covered by Haven’s Medical insurance. This includes catheters, saline solution, feeding tube’s and bags, gallons of mineral oil, hearing aid batteries, vaseline, diapers and pull ups, over the counter medications (probiotics, laxatives, etc.), pedicure supplies because of calluses caused by her braces and small feet, and cleaning supplies. Once the timing is right, Heaven’s mom will be donating one of her kidneys to her daughter.

Haven also has to frequently travel with her mom to specialists in Atlanta and Ohio. Expenses of these trips are draining the family’s budget. Unfortunately, Jessica’s ex-husband, Haven’s father, has refused to pay child support and is currently on the run.

Jessica works 7 days a week. Haven’s grandmother and daycare help watch Haven while she is trying to make a living for the two of them and do everything she can towards all the medical expenses. Haven’s mom, Jessica has never asked for any help but we feel as a community we should try and help Haven and her mother. The little girl’s outlook on life is such an inspiration and a healthy life is all she’s asking for.

Now- all you TRT followers, clients, friends, family, co-workers, or even if you just happened to stumble across this page… if you feel led to help out this sweet girl, feel free to contact any of our team members or follow Haven’s page on Facebook.



What a wonderful time had by all! A special thank you to Bo Pounds and his family for creating and continuing a legacy of giving and supporting our local families and children.



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